Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Arrived in Lima, Peru

PERU - I'm here!

The trip from Boston to Panama City was uneventful. I was lucky enough to have the middle seat vacant and my seat-mate was quiet or slept throughout the entire flight. I think I saw part of the Panama Canal as we were landing.  I'll have to leave that to another time though.

Lima from my hotel
From Panama City, I had a very lively seat-mate who was the Don Juan type. Let's suffice it to say that I learned a very valuable lesson - don't be too friendly or nice. By the end of the flight he had moved into the center seat and had me filling out his immigration forms!  It didn't seem to matter to him that I kept rebuffing his advances, but maybe that was the vodka talking.  Luckily I was able to finally get my message across.

I actually got into Lima last evening and spent a relaxing night at a hotel in San Isidro. This morning I awoke and was met by my cousin Peg for breakfast. We had a wonderful morning together, but it was too short a time to get caught up on the past 40 years or so since we last saw one another.  I'm now at the airport awaiting my flight to Cusco.  No worries though, I will be back in Lima to spend a few days with her in mid-February on my way home. I just realized that I didn't even get a picture with her today! I can not forget to get lots of them next time we're together.

I arrived in Cusco without any issues. The decent was quick since I'm now at 12,000 feet above sea level. This afternoon I got a tour of the school and then was brought over to my apartment. I'm in a 3rd floor walkup near Avenida Machu Picchu.  My apartment is small, but sufficient. I have to figure out how to edit the pictures from my camera, so I'll post them tomorrow.

After getting unpacked, SeƱora Rosa (my landlady)  dropped me off at the 'super mercado' so that I could get a bit of food for today. It was more like a convenience store than a grocery store that we're used to.  On the walk back to the apartment I missed my street and had a moment of panic because I didn't have the address with me.  But I ended up going around the block again and found it.   Oh well, at least now it's hopefully engraved in my brain.

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  1. How safe is Cusco? Do you feel pretty safe walking around by yourself? Do you try to be in at a certain time at night?